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We believe that “loved” food is the most pleasurable and ancient way of healing the body, mind and soul.

Our foods and juices will not only taste extraordinary, but also will work synergistically to heal and enhance body, mind and spirit.

Maintaining a diet that’s full of nutrient dense fruit and vegetables can help a lot with inflammation, lack of energy, and increases your vitamin and minerals intake, juicing is a great way to recharge your body!

Plant foods will take care of you, nourish you and even help you accomplish a healthy lifestyle because the more you consume wholesome foods these foods will become your natural choice. Our aim is to support you to embrace a healthy plant-based diet and enjoy the process.

Juicing your fruits and vegetables makes them easier to digest and provides your body with a healthy source of vitamins and minerals

Our Story

In 2012 we started changing our way of living, getting rid of heavily processed foods and sugary beverages and we noticed a radical shift in our lives, in all senses, feelings of vitality, a shift in our personality, immunity, appearance, and in our thoughts, this medical foods and juices changed us from the inside out.

Now our mission is to share this experience and education with as many people as we can.


Drinking juice is very easy on the stomach, aids digestion and it’s a great way of consuming lots of vitamins and minerals, rehydrate the body, remove toxins and help loose weight.
At holi we mindfully created juice recipes blending fruits, vegetables and roots with specific proposes for your daily needs.

Juice #1
Increased Antioxidants.
Lower  Blood Pressure.
Vitamin C.
Weight Management.

Juice #2
Vitamin c and iron rich
Reduce wrinkles
Flushes toxins
Cleans the gut

Juice #3
Anti inflammatory
Helps with bloating and water retention
Plenty of nutrients
Vitamins C E and A

Juice #4
Vitamin A and K
Antioxidant and folate
Blood flow improvement
Boosts stamina

Our Values